My clearest memory from childhood is of my best friend Mark and myself re-enacting the wedding of Charles and Diana. Mark was of course 'Lady Di' dressed in one of mum's net curtains that we sneakily cut down from the window to emulate 'that' dress whilst I myself adorned my uncle's black blazer with a drawn-on moustache-despite Charles not ever having one!

40 years later, Princess Diana has remained one of the biggest influences on style since she first began wowing us with her iconic fashion sense all those years ago. The LGBTQ+ community has always had a place for Diana in their hearts and society's obsession with all things Diana is still going strong. The most recent film to tackle her story is Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart, who herself is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. To celebrate this, we would like to take a look at some of Diana's more casual go-to looks and how you can shop the look here at Goldsmith Vintage.

This memorable image says it all. In this infamous photo of Princess Diana taken in 1988 at the Guards Polo Club, she adorns an effortlessly classy blazer with high-waisted blue Levi's jeans tucked down into her brown cowboy boots. The iconic blazer and jeans pairing is still worn worldwide today. She looks comfortable and completely at ease working this look-clearly she is dressing for herself and not how society or the press might dictate that a princess should look. How does she do it..?


 The Obligatory Blazer

Diana’s iconic sense of style is still celebrated and emulated all over the world right up to the present day. But one of Diana’s most enduring sartorial staples has to be the classic blazer. Be it for a casual school run or an official formal occasion, Diana could often be seen rocking an effortlessly chic jacket.     

The must-have'90s blazer has always been a wardrobe essential and will often make a solid comeback. As Diana has shown us time and time again, it can transform any outfit from a daytime casual look to a classy evening affair. Whether you're wearing a light option for the summer months or a more heavyweight version for layering in winter, the timeless blazer is stylish, versatile, and enduring. We like to pair one with a pleated skirt for an elegant twist or dress up a denim ensemble to achieve a more polished look.


Indispensable Denim

A favourite look of ours is the way in which Diana wore denim. Much like the trend today, the 'People's Princess' was often to be found in high-waisted blue denim jeans or what we might call 'mom jeans'. This was not the norm for someone of royal stature, but Diana's discerning style endured and she took the humble every-day garment and created an instant fashion essential for people world-wide projecting an image of normality that the public could relate to. 


Crucial Cowboy Boots

In order to go full Diana, you'll need a pair of cowboy boots! The tactic of tucking jeans into your boots is one that Princess Diana practiced regularly and can be witnessed in photos of some of her most famed outfits. Unusual and edgy, the cowboy boot conjures up a sense of rebellion whilst still perfectly complimenting the laid-back vibe that the princess was known and loved for.


 Photo Credit: Tim Graham

By Sarah Pettipiece from the Goldsmith Vintage team.