Recycled clothes


Goldsmith Vintage has been offering a sustainable alternative to high street shopping by selling quality vintage clothing since our beginnings in the '90s. As a vintage retailer our brand is inherently circular as we keep pre-loved clothing in use.

Each year we are proud to recycle approximately 30 tonnes of second-hand clothes, which equates to 12 shipping containers.  

Nothing we sell is 'new', items are either original vintage or part of our rework collection of original garments created from material that otherwise would not sell due to its size or fit for the contemporary market. 

Goldsmith Vintage also work with university partners to support the upcycling movement in the student community, recently launching Alter Eco - an annual competition which invites students and upcoming designers to create original garments from 'deadstock' to be judged by industry experts.

We are a brand with a strong social purpose; as well as giving a platform to students through Alter Eco, we are an established member of the LGBTQ London community representing equality and diversity.