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Fashion trends hailing from the late nineties and early noughties or Y2K fashion as it is often commonly referred to, has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. Significant pivotal moments in fashion from eras past are sure to go in and out of style, making a comeback every once in a while.
Popularised back in the day by some of our favourite icons such as Britney, Christina and Paris Hilton means that this is one revival that we here at Goldsmith Vintage can really get behind!

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So Why is it Making a Comeback Now?

Well, it's roughly the 20 year anniversary of the original look and so, as has often happened before, the biggest fashion trends from previous decades circle back with a new fresh spin. So you'll find low-rise jeans, crop tops with cheeky slogans and body chains are currently dominating the influencer heavy areas of TikTok and Instagram or wherever Gen Z is to be found. The early 2000s was a time of experimentation and with Millennials and Gen Z embracing a nostalgia for the period, so the style was destined to return.


So What are Some Key Y2K Pieces and How Can You Style Them?

If you’re styling a versatile look for women, think of the classic Y2K pairing of low-rise flared jeans with a nice top, which could be worn casually or even on the red carpet, as demonstrated by the likes of Paris Hilton and Liv Tyler. Keep it casual with a hoodie, some trainers or a pair of Ugg boots. Alternatively dress up with platform sandals, a beret and a statement bag (Louis Vuitton, darling). And make sure to pile on the rhinestones! No A-list celeb would be seen in public without their rhinestones, feathers and gems!
Other favourites were cropped tops and cardigans, cargo pants, crochet, jean skirts, off the shoulder tops and  ribbed sweaters. The treasured baby-tee was generally cropped above the (pierced of course!) belly with a slightly larger fit across the chest which looked great with Daisy Duke's or alternatively offered a more feminine twist to the grungy, skater inspired image. Be sure to choose tops with cheeky or quirky quotes, cute characters, loud patterns on the front, or other related graphics from infamous Y2K brands such as Juicy Couture and Fiorucci. Team up with colourful platform sandals, trainers or Ugg boots. Extra points if any or all of your choices are pink! Think Mean Girls and you'll know why!
As the decade wore on, noughties fashion began to take inspiration from the '60s bohemian style. Peasant tops, capri pants, cowl-neck shirts, cropped jackets and dresses worn over jeans were popular outfit choices for women. Usually paired with accessories such as chunky belts, jelly bracelets, aviator sunglasses, ballet flats, or platform boots and ties which could be worn around the neck or sometimes as belts.
For men, popular looks included tracksuits and trainers, distressed denim and cargo pants. Often teamed up with rugby or polo shirts, flip flops or Oxford shoes. The rappers of the day had a huge influence on fashion trends with their own clothing lines. Pioneers were P Diddy, Nelly, Jay-Z and 50 Cent. The style consisted of baggy jeans, sports jerseys, long t-shirts, puffa jackets and vests paired with Timberland boots, headbands or bandanas, sweatbands, shoulder bags and of course the essential and ultra-cool trainers such as Adidas Superstars or Nike Air Force 1's, Nike Air Jordans. And no-one in the know EVER left the house without their baseball cap! In the late 2000's streetwear was often brand focused casual clothing, favourites being Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel and Von Dutch. Popular streetwear styles included distressed skinny jeans, hoodies, loose or fitted tracksuits, loose fitting tops, track pants, graphic t-shirts and vintage thrift shop tees. 
The '60s comeback styles were also in favour with men. Popular outfit choices included light wash bootcut jeans with fitted cowboy shirts or cargo shorts with a classic rock t-shirt. polos with popped collars, and seersucker suits., Henleys,
For a more dressed up occasion Seersucker suits worn with polos with popped collars for that preppy look,
Another hugely popular style was the boy band look. Think colourful leather jackets, dungarees, tracksuit bottoms, shirts over t-shirts, trainers (of course) and denim, denim, denim! Be it denim jeans, jackets or skirts, denim was hugely popular and essential to the style of the day to both men and women. One iconic and unforgettable moment was the time that our favourite 'it' couple of the era, Britney and Justin stepped out wearing their infamous double denim duo look. The Princess of Pop wore a long denim sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and flowing skirt accessorised with on-trend chain belt while Justin wore a fetching denim suit consisting of jeans, a t-shirt, an oversized denim blazer style jacket topped with a denim cowboy hat.
Double denim can absolutely deliver a strong look when styled correctly. For best results try to maintain a consistent colour palette to elevate the overall appearance. And don't forget to polish your double denim look off with a pair of chunky heels, a statement bag and a super colourful pair of sunglasses! Perfection!

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