When searching for the ultimate in seasonal outerwear, nothing tops the trusty trench coat! 


It's definitely a firm favourite here at Goldsmith Vintage and we feel that very few items in a person’s wardrobe work as timelessly or tirelessly.
It's versatile, weatherproof and never goes out of style, and right now, it's all the rage. But do you find yourself asking 'how do I wear my trench when travelling?' or 'how do I work my trench into a casual look?'. Read on to uncover our tips for the best ways to style your beloved trench coat no matter what the occasion and as always, don't forget to check out our staff picks at the end.

So how did the trench coat come about? 

Well the clue is in the name. Up until the trench’s creation, soldiers had been wearing heavy, woollen greatcoats which naturally came with their problems. 
In the nineteenth century Thomas Burberry invented a new resilient fabric named Garbadine and during the First World War, The Burberry trench coat was invented, turning everything around. 
They were waterproof, much lighter and bore many straps and pockets for storing ammunition, torches and maps making them far more practical.The new addition became a common sight in the trenches and the name just stuck!
In more recent years, Burberry have become pioneers in terms of charity work, inclusivity and sustainability.
These days the ever-present trench coat has transcended its original uses within the military to become a key wardrobe staple for all manner of fashion followers. And although the basic design has been reworked and tweaked in that time to fit in with constantly changing fashions, the iconic original is still going strong.  It has become a 'can't live without' piece that can be worn all year round, ideal for mild yet drizzly days, but will see you snugly through the
winter too, perfect for layering with a nice chunky knit underneath.
So check out these style tips on how to wear your trench coat for different occasions and scroll down to the end for inspiration from our staff picks!
Feast your eyes on this updated take on the classic trench from Burberry. This stripped back version exemplifies a more clean minimalist look yet is still stylish and functional. Comes in a classic dark beige/olive in cotton providing both comfort and style. Any worthy fashion staple scores high marks for function and form making this choice an essential addition in anyone's wardrobe. A trench coat also makes a great outer layer when it comes to travel! Be it for the day to day commute or even holidaying. Pair it with a lightweight sweater or top, loose fitting trousers or a skirt and some classic loafers for a comfortable journey.

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One of the many upsides of the trench coat is that although it appears quite tailored, its flexibility means it can work with almost anything in your wardrobe. Some trench coats are cut a bit shorter and therefore work well with a more casual style. We’ve paired this trench with a lovely chunky black polo neck sweater and classic black fitted jeans for the ultimate transitional outfit. Depending on the weather you can take layering to the next step with further under garments such as a long sleeved t-shirt or a thermal vest and of course you can always accessorise with gloves and a scarf.

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This stunning leather trench coat comes in the perfect cream shade and features all the classic trench attributes such as a belt, wide collar and lapels, double breasted front buttons and two large front side pockets. This can work for so many different occasions, it’s professional enough for work, but cute and stylish enough for a Saturday or Sunday brunch! Our model combines both with casual black plimsoles, a smart yet casual cream shirt with matching cream trousers and dresses the look by accessorising with a complimentary  brown tie and stylish leather handbag. 

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