Favourite Fashion Icons - George Michael & Paris Hilton

Our Favourite Fashion Icons

This month we’re celebrating two of pop culture’s most memorable vintage style icons - George Michael and Paris Hilton. Though in many ways, they couldn't be more different, both have undoubtedly left their mark on the world of fashion, their sartorial elegance setting trends that became emblematic of their eras. And with '80s and '90s trends constantly re-emerging, they're seeing a new lease of life.

We’ve had some fun dissecting the key elements of their wardrobes to see how they built their icon and timeless aesthetic – that’s accessible too. You can "shop the look" below to get that celebrity style…

George Michael '80s/90s
The late, and great, George Michael undoubtedly had one of the most iconic wardrobes in popular culture history, often using fashion to express his own hyper-sexualised masculinity – as well as his political views. His influence can still be seen today with catwalks and collections awash with the staples of Michael’s style, from the early days in cute shorter-than-short shorts to his signature Aviator shades. Michael's ground-breaking style distinguished him from his peers and ensured that he became equally renowned for his suggestive edge as he was for his undeniable songwriting ability….
Double Up On Denim!
Denim, specifically classic blue Levi's 501 was a mainstay in Michael's wardrobe and he wasn't afraid to lead the way by experimenting with different washes and customised distressed looks (who could forget those oh-so-sexy rips?!) Long before Britney and Justin, Michael could be seen rocking the double denim look on stage and often paired his jeans up with a white vest, cowboy boots and his signature leather jacket. More on that later...
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The Slouchy Blazer
Throughout the '80s, Michael often could be seen in a slouchy blazer, be it on stage, during interviews or just during casual, day-to-day outings. The singer wore the comfortably-tailored, relaxed silhouette in a variety of block colours or sometimes just simply stylish black and often complimented the style with a cotton white tee underneath, or sometimes no shirt at all! We approve!
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Micro Shorts
The micro-trend of the '80s popularised by Michael seems to be back in style with current fashion followers expressing the same admiration for men's short-shorts being shorter than short. His penchant for thigh-high, leg-flashing shorts is enduring and can be seen all over social media today, the 5" seam short is currently considered to be super flattering.
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 Leather jackets
Michael was frequently seen in a leather jacket over the years. Our personal favourites of his would be the infamous decorated biker style seen in his iconic Faith video or the Western-influenced fringed version. The leather jacket gave his outfits that quintessential bad boy look and sexy edge are still so coveted
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Paris Hilton '00s
 As we all know, Y2K is here to stay and U.S socialite Paris Hilton was undoubtedly a leader of the pack during the '00s. Often referred to as a real-life Barbie doll, her trend-setting looks coupled with world-class diva antics have been a main source of inspiration for many of us and crowned her the style queen of a generation. Discover some of her most memorable looks that we are still loving today…
Cropped Tops 
Never one to shy away from showing off her tanned mid-riff, Paris pioneered the cropped top craze. Favouring colourful (likely pink) cropped tees, band tees or something with a cheeky slogan, preferably a sparkly one! Team with a chain belt and you've nailed the Paris look!
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Denim Mini Skirt
Denim was in in a big way during the ‘00s and one of Paris's staples was undoubtedly the little denim mini. Sometimes flared, sometimes fitted, but usually low-waisted exposing her infamous navel piercing.
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Cute Mini Dresses
A cute shorter than short mini prom or casual dress, especially in her signature colour-pink-screams Paris and she had them in abundance! Whether she wore them on the red carpet or just for a stroll down Rodeo with her dog in her arms. Pink has always been Paris's colour and it's now one of the most popular shades online in this era. Hilton's influence is still strong!
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Low Rise Jeans
Low-rise and/or wide-leg jeans were consistently worn by all the hot celebrities of the time such as J.Lo, Li Lo, Britney Spears and of course, Hilton through the noughties. And now they're back! Team up with the aforementioned cropped tee for the quintessential Y2K look!
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