Green Tea Peng wearing Goldsmith Vintage
Goldsmith Vintage is no stranger to the limelight. In the past few months, our vintage collection has cameoed with music’s finest, from Damon Albarn to YouTube songstress Sapphire and some true originals in between.
Here's a round up of what they wore and how they wore it, starting with the sublime Greentea Peng pictured above, wearing our classic vintage bomber in her recent interview in The Forty Five for her newly released album Man Made. 
DAMON ALBARN for GORILLAZ LIVE STREAM | Vintage pineapple sunglasses
Damon Albarn Gorillaz | Goldsmith Vintage
YONAKA | Black vintage biker jacket (far right)

Worn on this epic photo shoot for the album cover of their third album Raise Your Glass

YONAKA | Goldsmith Vintage

DAN CROSSLEY | Vintage double breasted jacket

For an intimate gig at Colours in Hoxton

Dan Crossley | Goldsmith Vintage
ALYX HOLCOMBE | Vintage rock tee

Loving the street style! Check out Alyx's Radio show ALYX PLAYS PUNK every Sunday...

Alyx Holcombe | Goldsmith Vintage


Kawala | Vintage red trousers

And a sea of lemons. Colouring popping shoot to promote their latest single Angry Man



Kawala | Goldsmith Vintage


SAPPHIRE | Oversized vintage sweatshirt

Last but not least a cheeky selfie with singer Sapphire ...cow girl style...

Sapphire | Goldsmith Vintage