The Goldsmith Vintage team is made up of many unique and creative people, each an individual with their own distinct style.
We are getting to know the team and finding out about their personal style, their favourite pieces, why they love vintage and more.
Read on to uncover more about our crew...
Meet the gorgeous Thesia!
Currently an e-commerce assistant here at GV so she is an integral part of the team bringing her own unique brand of creativity to everything she touches. She's streetwise, smart, sassy, and above all, stylish!  Hailing from Indonesia, at 24  she currently works in our web-store team and one day hopes to run her own international fashion company with her sister, so watch this space! 
GV: Hi Thesia! Thank you so much for talking to us. We love your look! How would you define your personal style?
T: I would describe my style as comfortable with a little bit of streetwear. I naturally go for all sorts of colours and sometimes it just looks like colourful chaos but I wear it anyway because I think fashion should be fun, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously! But I love wearing anything that shapes my body, shows off my body, or even clothes that might look a bit too baggy for me but honestly I just don’t care as long as it is comfortable and different!
GV: Absolutely! So what would you say is your go-to outfit?
T: Any pair of trousers with any colour or any print with a crop top and an outer, whether it be an oversized shirt or jacket and a pair of vintage sunnies, gold jewellery, big chunky rings and a pair of sneakers or boots! I always prefer trousers over denim because it’s loose and comfortable and you can dress up or down depending on the colour or pattern. So it’s super versatile!
GV: Love it! So who do you consider to be your style icon?
T: I don’t think I have a specific person that I really really love and follow but because of social media, I usually take inspiration from a lot of people who have a similar style to me. At the moment, I love Iris Law or Zoe Kravitz. Iris Law wears a lot of colours, a lot of patterns, and she mixes and matches a lot of her clothes that might look crazy to some but I personally love it. And for Zoe Kravitz it’s all of her red carpet looks that I just adore!
GV: We hear that! So why do you like working with vintage clothes rather than new or high street brands?
T: Because new or high street brands are boring. To me it just seems too plain. Everything from high street brands are overrated and they are so plain that I end up donating or throwing it away after a period of time. And with vintage, it’s made me shop more responsibly as well because I spend time looking for it and actually picking things that I know I love and will wear for a long period of time because the piece is special and rare. And I actually enjoy the process of it, going to vintage stores and looking for pieces that you “connect” with and with vintage, you can find so many from basic to funky and crazy. And of course, I love to look different than anyone else or to own pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.
GV: Amen! What's your advice for anyone new to vintage? Any top tips for shopping second hand fashion?
T: I think the most important thing is to be patient and take your time. Finding secondhand should help you be more conscious when you shop because you want to find pieces that are special to you! It can be a hit or miss process, but when you find things that really represent you as a person it will be really rewarding because you love it and it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. And also don’t take it too seriously! With vintage it’s a lot of fun because there are pieces from every decade so you can be creative and explore different types of styles!
GV: So why would you say that shopping vintage is so important?
T: Because conscious shopping is more important than ever especially today! It helps reduce all wasted clothes that are thrown away in landfills and give them a new loving home. And when you wear vintage, you can inspire others to do the same and push people away from fast fashion!!
GV:  What are your top 5 picks from the website / warehouse of items?